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Friday, December 20, 2019


Headlines for Dec. 20, 2019

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Headlines with an * are the ones we managed to fit in in our allotted time slot.


Worst, Most Misleading & Funniest Headlines for Dec. 20, 2019

*Comey says there was 'real sloppiness' in Carter Page FISA warrants
From “mistakes” and “errors” and now to just “sloppiness”. All great substitutes for “committed felonies” by fabricating and suppressing evidence. The headline is important because the article only says that “exculpatory evidence about Page was omitted”, and omits that evidence was actually fabricated. I guess that was just “sloppiness” on the part of CNN.

*On a Momentous Day in America, Many Averted Their Gaze
Maybe that’s because it wasn’t as momentous as you think, NYT. Because I guarantee that on *actually* momentous days, no one is “averting their gaze”.
Related: the incessant repetition (front-page headline in the NYT) that Trump was “the third President to face removal”. A formulation which completely omits Richard Nixon, the one President who was actually removed by the impeachment process, even if he was technically not impeached.

*Joe Biden 'healthy, vigorous' and 'fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency': Doctor's report
If the duties of the Presidency consist of doing pushups. No word on his mental state.

Is Pete Buttigieg Just Too Young to Be President?
Classic straw man article. No one accuses Buttigieg of being too young to be President. They accuse him of being too inexperienced to be President (aside from also criticizing his actual policies of course). By the way, Tulsi Gabbard, who is just 9 months older than Buttigieg (in a month they’ll both be 38), isn’t mentioned in this article (no surprise there), and of the many negative articles about her in the Times and elsewhere, I’ve me er once seen anyone raise the “too young” question.

*Buttigieg’s foreign policy might be the key to his success
He has a foreign policy?

*If Nancy Pelosi ran for president, she'd beat Trump
By David Gergen. LOL.

*First China-Made Aircraft Carrier Enters Active Service
Subhead: President Xi Jinping oversees commissioning ceremony of ‘Shandong’ at naval base on edge of contested South China Sea
Where was this base? On Hainan Island, which has been part of China for 2000 years. Saying it’s on “the edge of contested South China Sea” is like saying “Edinburgh is on the edge of the North Sea”. Incidentally you can draw a straight line across the Pacific from Hainan to San Francisco, so I guess SF is also “on the edge of the contested South China Sea” as well.

*China’s Curing Cancer Faster and Cheaper Than Anywhere Else
Oh no! 

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