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Friday, July 06, 2018


Headlines for July 6, 2018

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Worst and Most Misleading Headlines (WAMMH) -- July 6, 2018


We already gave Syria to Putin, so what’s left for Trump to say?
A Dennis Ross op-ed, the latest chapter that started with the “Who lost China” saga 70 years ago. Doesn’t get any grosser. Syria is not “ours” to give, and, in addition, we gave it not to “Russia” but to “Putin”. Really? It’s now his personal property? And interestingly, the original headline read “Both Obama and Trump let Putin have his way in Syria. Now what?” Did some editor change it to avoid blaming Obama and focus only on Trump?

Bay Area residents arrested while bringing toys to migrant children
Not the worst headline, but definitely in the running for most disgusting story


Theories Abound in New Novichok Poisoning in U.K.

Except any theory that doesn’t blame Russia is dismissed as “Russian propaganda”.

North Korea working to conceal key aspects of its nuclear program, U.S. officials say
But in my local paper, the San José Mercury News, it becomes a simple statement of fact:

North Korea plotting to keep arsenal


North Korea reportedly ramps up nuke production at secret sites

To begin with, the claim is of ramped up enriched uranium production, not “nuke” production. And of course the entire article is based on claims by anonymous “officials” and alleged “assessments” by US intelligence agencies (more than one?). The Deep State strikes back.

As Bolton Says North Korea Could Disarm in a Year, Reality Lags Promises

There were no “promises” made by the DPRK in Singapore. There was a commitment to a process that would lead to concrete steps on BOTH sides. The US press acts as if the DPRK agreed to unilaterally denuclearize or even “disarm”. They didn’t.

The many problems with Trump’s reported idea of invading Venezuela

Guess what problem ISN’T included? Violating international law and being charged with a war crime.

Trump and Mexico’s New Leader, Both Headstrong, Begin With a ‘Good Conversation’

Who says so? Trump. But the Times will put the claim in a headline without proof, despite Trump’s record for bullshit. Also again we have the “Lopez Obrador is similar to Trump” meme which has been widely repeated in the media, rather than the more accurate AMLO is like Sanders or Corbyn.

Is This the Year Women Break the Rules and Win?
Subhead: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s victory may be more one-off than wave, but her stunning win has raised hopes for other female candidates.
So what the Times got out of her win wasn’t that she was a Democratic Socialist, but that she’s a woman.


Elon Musk Is Involved in a Copyright Argument Over a Farting Unicorn

Do I need to say anything more? Well, yes…

Trump Has a Bill That Would Blow Up the WTO. It’s Called the U.S. FART Act.

Even “the Mooch” thinks it stinks!

Trump compares border enforcement to keeping people off 'your front lawn'

Trump has now turned into Clint Eastwood as Walt Kowalski  in Gran Torino. “You kids get off my lawn”

College grads less likely to be proud to be American
The Washington Examiner definitely doesn't think this is funny, but it definitely brings a smile to our face.

Stamp-Sized Mistake Costs Postal Service $3.5 Million
For years, a U.S. Postal Service stamp mistakenly bore the image of a Lady Liberty replica. That statue welcomes visitors to the New York-New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, and between 2010 and 2014, it earned the postal service over $70 million in profits. Last week, Las Vegas sculptor Robert Davidson was awarded $3.5 million from the postal service in a lawsuit.

Trump wants to Finlandize the United States

Start of the article (a Max Boot column): “Finlandization. Noun. The process whereby a country is induced to favor, or refrain from opposing, the interests of a more powerful country, despite not being politically allied to it.” Soooo…huh?

Al Shabaab bans single use plastic bags because of 'threat to people and livestock'

So Al Shabaab is now officially more environmentally friendly than the US government.

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