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Friday, June 15, 2018


Headlines for June 15, 2018

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Headlines with an * are the ones we managed to fit in in our allotted 11 minutes.


*The Biggest Winner at the U.S.-North Korea Summit: China


*The big winner of the Trump-Kim summit? China.


*China winner from summit but wary of closer US-N. Korea ties

WaPo headline but AP article widely repeated. China “won” because they asked for end to war games, got it. Also a vague Trump promise of withdrawal of troops maybe sometime. In the entire article, there’s not a single mention of the North Korean people, the South Korean people, the American people, nothing.

*How Russian Meddling Gave Us This Year’s World Cup
“Russia appeared profoundly unqualified to host a month-long tournament expected to draw well over three million spectators. For starters, Russia didn’t have a great soccer tradition; its team hadn’t even qualified to play in the 2010 World Cup.” Guess who just got awarded the World Cup after not qualifying for this one, and who also doesn’t have a great soccer tradition?

“In 2010, Mr. Steele collected a growing pile of intelligence suggesting that Russian government officials and oligarchs close to Mr. Putin had been enlisted to push the effort, cutting shadowy gas deals with other countries in exchange for votes, offering expensive gifts of art to FIFA voters” which, according to this article, was what triggered the huge FIFA scandal in 2015 which ousted Sepp Blatter and many others.
Russia wanted the World Cup (like many other countries). FIFA is (or was) corrupt. More than 2 dozen people were convicted of crimes involving hundreds of millions of dollars of bribes.

But guess what? It wasn’t Russia, as you’ll learn if you get to paragraph 15:
“But there is one glaring hole in what even the vanquished defense attorneys who had corrupt soccer officials as clients called a breathtakingly meticulous and exhaustive federal investigation and prosecution: any mention of Russia. Court records from the case run into the thousands of pages, and prosecutors spent weeks laying out every tangled intricacy of their digging in a six-week criminal trial in federal court in Brooklyn late last year. But Russia, strangely, seems to have been completely absent from any of it.”

Sessions cites Bible passage used to defend slavery in defense of separating immigrant families



Trump's 'deals' are going to kill us all


*Gasp! Rachel Maddow reveals shocking fact that North Korea has a border with Russia

*Trump touts North Korean real estate potential
My tweet BEFORE the “signing” or the press conference: “Breaking news: the “signing” announced by Trump is for a Trump resort and golf course to be built in the DPRK.”
Joking, of course. Or was I?

*White House tasks office with taping together papers after Trump rips them up: report


Domino's Is Fixing America's Crappy Roads For Pizza Safety And That's Pretty Embarrassing

Every pothole they fill carries their logo!

Jon Stewart: ‘Let’s Be Honest,’ Democrats ‘Don’t Really Give a F*ck About Russia’

Jon Stewart lets the cat out of the bag. "If the Russians had somehow helped Hillary Clinton and it had prevented Trump from being elected in the first place, Stewart said Democrats would have tried their best to look the other way. “But now we’ve got to act like it’s super important,” he said, because we think it could end his presidency."

Reporters thought this video was North Korea propaganda. It came from the White House.
Calling this video “bizarre” does a disservice to the word “bizarre”

Donald Trump 'tired of Theresa May's school mistress tone’ and will not hold talks with her at G7

The US president is said to bristle at the Prime Minister’s approach during phone calls, with Mrs May quick to get into policy details rather than wider conversation.
One senior US diplomat said Mr Trump had expressed annoyance at Mrs May’s frequent demands, which are seen as taking advantage of the UK-US relationship.
Another long-time friend of the president revealed he had privately complained of how Mrs May calls him out in public when he is deemed to have stepped out of line.

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