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Saturday, April 13, 2013



A very important reminder from Richard Becker of ANSWER today during today's anti-drone rally in San Francisco that the first three people killed by drones were three farmers collecting scrap metal. Why were they killed? Because one of them was a "tall man" (judging from the perspective of a drone camera) and the other two were "deferential to him" (again, judging by looking through a drone camera), and hence based on this "intelligence" they concluded it was Osama bin Laden and assassinated all three by drone.

All victims of assassination by drone (drone terrorism, not drone "warfare") are "innocent victims," because none has ever been convicted or even charged with a crime. Most of them aren't even known by name, they are killed because of a "signature" (like a group of armed men hanging out together). But even the ones they claim to know who it is, that claim is based on "intelligence" like that above. You remember "intelligence," don't you? That's what told us that Iraq had WMD. These deaths are all over and above the "collateral damage," in which anyone who just happens to live with someone that the U.S. thinks is a "terrorist," or just happens to be eating in the same restaurant with them, or walking nearby them, is killed.

Drones don't kill terrorists. Drones are the terrorists.

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