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Monday, May 03, 2010


You can't handle the truth!

So Iranian President Ahmadinejad dared, dared I say, to say at the NPT conference that U.S. threats to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states violates the very NPT they claim to be defending, and of course the U.S. and its toadies walked out of the speech. Couldn't handle the truth. Ahmadinejad also said:
"The nuclear bomb is a fire against humanity, rather than a weapon of defence. The possession of nuclear bombs is not a source of pride. Its possession is disgusting and shameful."
Does that sound like someone hell-bent on developing nuclear weapons? Really?

Perhaps even more shameful than the predictable (and pre-announced) walkout of the U.S. and friends, the head of the supposedly neutral U.N., Ban Ki-Moon, started the conference by focusing his attention on Iran and its supposed renegade status. Not a word from Ban about Israel, not even a signatory to the NPT and possessor of 250 nuclear weapons.

Meanwhile, in another development completely unrelated as far as actual news, but completely related in the way the media handled it, BBC reported that North Korean President Kim Jong-Il went to China for a summit meeting, "traveling in his luxury railroad car." Funny how never once have I heard the BBC talk about President Obama (or Bush etc.) traveling in their "luxury jet," although I have absolutely no doubt that the luxury and amenities of Air Force One put any supposed luxuries of Kim's railroad car to shame.

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