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Saturday, April 03, 2010


Who needs Dick Cheney and George W. Bush?

Both were notorious for their outright lying about Iraqi WMD, the ones they "assured" us we "knew" existed, except they didn't. But there's no need to lament the dearly departed; we have Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their place.

Clinton is playing the Cheney role. In remarks a few days ago, she repeatedly referred to "Iran's nuclear weapons program." Obama, as you might expect from someone used to using more circumspect language, instead said on Friday:

"All the evidence indicates that the Iranians are trying to develop the capacity to develop nuclear weapons. They might decide that, once they have that capacity that they'd hold off right at the edge -- in order not to incur -- more sanctions."
Circumspect or not, though, Obama's claim is every bit as much a lie as Clinton's. As always, I'll just point to one thing which refutes Obama's claim about "all the evidence" - the fact that the supreme religious leader of a theocratic country has issued a fatwa against nuclear weapons. I'll just cite one more fact - Obama's reticence, just like Bush and Cheney's, to actually reveal to the U.S. public his "evidence" which leads him to this conclusion.

Sadly, if you read the corporate media or most liberal blogs, the old adage "fool me once..." seems not to apply. Perhaps it was the way George Bush mangled it once in public that made it lose its power.

Some of us, of course, weren't even fooled once. As for the others, I'm afraid another adage seems to apply: "You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time..."

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