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Wednesday, March 03, 2010



I wanted to make the title of the post into an epithet, but I couldn't figure out what punctuation to use (so I've had to resort to this description instead). Running for Governor against a right-winger (Meg Whitman) who thinks the solution to unemployment is laying off 40,000 workers and another right-wing ex-CEO (Steve Poizner) who claims to be the only "true conservative" in the race, along comes Jerry Brown, campaigning as "Republican lite": shrink state government, no new taxes ("unless the people vote for them"), casting himself as "nonpartisan," "running an independent campaign." And not only is he the "best" the Democrats can do, he's the only thing the Democrats can do - Brown has no opposition in the Democratic primary at all, not even token. One reason he doesn't is that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who at least qualifies as a moderate if not some sort of liberal, dropped out of the race, ostensibly for "family reasons" but really because he couldn't raise the multi-millions needed to be "credible" in capitalist elections.

There will be a real progressive (and socialist) on the ballot in the election - Carlos Alvarez, running on the Party for Socialism & Liberation ticket and, if he wins the primary, on the Peace & Freedom Party ticket as well. Running for Mayor of Los Angeles last year, Alvarez won more votes for that office than any socialist since 1957. He won't be spending multi-millions. He will be campaigning for a social system encapsulating real democracy where one doesn't have to spend money to win election - socialism.

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