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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Support the right to life!

Now this is the kind of "right to life" I can definitely support:
Bolivian President Evo Morales has called for a set of principles that would protect the planet's resources and "right to life."

On Wednesday, Morales, the first indigenous president in Bolivia's history, told the UN General Assembly that people cannot put their interests above those of the Earth.

"Not just human beings have rights, but the planet has rights," he said. "What's happening with climate change is that the rights of Mother Earth are not being respected."

He told the UN delegates that "We have the challenge to agree on a universal declaration for the rights of Mother Earth."

Morales outlined four principles that he asked the world to observe:

The right to life: "The right for no ecosystem to be eliminated by the irresponsible acts of human beings."

The right of biosystems to regenerate themselves: "Development cannot be infinite. There's a limit on everything."

The right to a clean life: "The right for Mother Earth to live without contamination, pollution. Fish and animals and trees have rights."

The right to harmony and balance between everyone and everything: "We are all interdependent."

"We now must begin to realize that the Earth does not belong to us," he said. "It's the other way around. We belong to the Earth."

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