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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Quote of the day

I've written many times that what people want, and need, is not health insurance, but health care. Michael Moore, speaking in Sacramento yesterday, agrees (as do the thousand nurses and others who cheered him on):
"What kind of sick, cruel system is this?...There's no room for the concept of profit when it comes to taking care of people when they're sick. That question, of how this will affect our bottom line, how will it affect our profit, is an immoral question, and it should never be asked. There's no room for compromise here. There's no room for the health insurance company in an emergency room. There's no room for a health insurance company in a hospital room. There's no room for them in the executive headquarters of their own companies, because I believe that we have to eliminate the private health insurance companies from our health care system. We have to get of them once and for all. It's time for them to go."
Of course, I'd go much further than Moore. Even in the field of health care, not only is there "no room for the concept of profit when it comes to taking care of people when they're sick," there's no room for the concept of profit before they're sick either, otherwise known as preventive health care. Or adequate food, housing, and other living conditions either. Not to mention the manufacturing of drugs and medical equipment which are two of the biggest contributors to the high cost of medical care.

But getting people thinking about the question with respect to health care alone is a good start!

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