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Friday, June 22, 2007


Troop reductions in Iraq. Any day now. Honest.

Today is only the second day of summer. Two days ago it was spring. And yet today both AP and Reuters (and quite likely others) are out with stories about what might happen next spring (!!!) in Iraq (I guess they waited until it was officially summer so it wouldn't sound like they were talking a whole year in the future):
AP: "US may reduce forces in Iraq by spring"
Reuters: "U.S. could cut troops in Iraq next spring"
What a joke! Talk about holding the carrot before the nose of the donkey (the donkey being the portion of the American public dumb enough not to catch on to this nonsense)! When you read the article, what Lt. Gen Ray Odierno actually said was this:
"I think if everything goes the way it's going now, there's a potential that by the spring we will be able to reduce forces, and Iraq security forces could take over," Odierno said. "It could happen sooner than that. I don't know."

He also cautioned that, because the insurgents in Iraq have proven so resilient and adaptive, making any prediction is risky. "There's so many things that could happen between now and then," he said, referring to next spring.
Of course, there's also a potential that the U.S. might be increasing forces by next spring, too. I guess Odierno forgot to mention that, and reporters didn't think to ask that question. I guess it required too much thinking.

Reading this story, I couldn't help but thinking of something said the other day on Democracy Now! by Josh Rushing, the Marine made famous by his appearance in the film "Control Room":

"They [reporters covering the Iraq invasion] would ask me before I would go on air live, 'Are there any messages you want to get across today?' Well, yeah. My boss comes straight from the White House, and they have the messages of the day, and so they would give it to us. So I’d say, 'Sure. WMD, regime change, ties with terrorism.' And they go, 'OK. Well, I’ll ask you these questions, so we can get those answers out.'"
There's only one way that troops will really being coming home from Iraq by next spring. And that's if the American (and world) public gets out in the streets for a protest against the war so massive it can't be ignored.

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