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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Audio Post of the Day: Love Me, I'm a Liberal

In "honor" of the Democratic dropping of support for even a mild, weasly, chock full o'holes "antiwar" bill, we offer for your listening pleasure one of Phil Och's most well-known songs, "Love Me, I'm a Liberal." Now some may protest that when the actual vote comes, the liberal Democrats (rumored to include even Nancy Pelosi) are going to vote against the bill because it doesn't contain any "timelines" or other pretenses at ending the war. And that may be true. But the fact of the matter is that, as explained by Jeff Cohen's quote in the post just below this one and myself many times, this "battle" with the President was lost long ago, when the liberals refused to stop talking about "winning" and refused to tackle head on the preposterous assertion that voting more money for war is "supporting the troops" rather than supporting the war (not to mention the fundamental assumption that the U.S. had the slightest right to invade Iraq in the first place, or has the slightest right to continue to occupy Iraq). The vote on the actual bill is not the central issue.

Doing some Googling in preparing this post, I discover there are now several updated versions of the song (how many of today's listeners have a clue who Les Crane is?), whose lyrics (along with the original) you can read here. I particularly like the Evan Greer version, which this page purports to have the mp3 for listening, but it would never work for me.

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