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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Luis Posada Carriles: terror, torture, and feticide

Luis Posada Carriles is a convicted terrorist and a torturer who entered the U.S. illegally but whom the U.S. is refusing to deport to Venezuela to stand trial for the murder of 73 people in an airplane bombing on the specious grounds that he might be subject to torture in Venezuela, based exclusively on the testimony of one his former associates in the torture business.

Meanwhile, human rights groups in Venezuela are gathering testimony about Posada's activities as a member of the Venezuelan secret police in the 60's. One wonders what George Bush's right-wing "right-to-life" supporters will have to say about the man he's protecting after hearing the latest testimony:

“They brought me up to the first floor, and that’s when I heard them say ‘Comisario Basilio...she’s pregnant!’ And then an agent, who was not him, asked me ‘How many months pregnant are you?’ I say ‘Eight.’ Then he asked (Posada): ‘What should we do with her, Comisario?’ And (Posada) says to him, ‘Destroy that seed before it grows...!’

“Then the agent turned and kicked me in the stomach...That was when I felt...That kick was what killed my child...”

The woman began to bleed profusely. “All they did was laugh, nothing more. And I was walking, and bleeding, and losing liquid, and they were laughing...

“That order was given by Comisario Basilio. Later on, years later, I knew that that Comisario Basilio was Posada Carriles. As far as I’m concerned, he was the one directing the entire operation.”
Of course, that last question from me was strictly rhetorical. Chances that this incident will be reported anywhere in the U.S. press? Precisely zero.

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