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Friday, September 13, 2019


Headlines for Sept. 13, 2019

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Headlines with an * are the ones we managed to fit in in our allotted time slot.

Worst, Most Misleading & Funniest Headlines for Sept. 13, 2019

#FakeNewsByOmission story of the week (the headline you didn’t read) —
*Twitter blocks accounts of Raúl Castro and Cuban state-run media outlets
Twitter on late Wednesday suspended the accounts of dozens of Cuban media outlets and individual journalists, along with that of others like Raúl Castro and Cuban Five Hero René González. Not one U.S. media outlet covered this outrage.

*‘I don’t blame Kim Jong Un’: In dismissing Bolton, Trump sides with North Korean leader — again
So wanting peace with DPRK, & acknowledging that Bolton deliberately sabotaged negotiations by talking about the “Libyan model”, constitutes “siding with Kim Jung-un”. This take was not limited to the WaPo, by the way; progressive Democrats like AOC used virtually the same language about “Trump siding with Kim Jung-un”.

Courtesy of FAIR contributor Alan McLeod, these four headlines in a 24-hour period from different cities across the country:
Pasadena police release videos, calls from deadly officer-involved shooting
Police: Suspect identified in Muskogee officer-involved shooting
GBI releases details in Clinch Co. officer-involved shooting
Police identify man killed in officer-involved shooting in north St. Louis
How was the officer “involved” in each of these four shootings? The officer shot (and in some cases killed) the other person, though you’d never know that from the absurd euphemism “officer-involved”. How come when someone shoots a cop it’s not also called an “officer-involved” shooting?

*As Bahamas Turn To Recovery, U.S. Worries About China Stepping In To Help
An entirely imaginary story. As far as I can tell, there was no Chinese relief effort in the Bahamas, certainly none that is described in this article. It's all speculation about what China "could" do. "Parts of the Bahamas are only about 50 miles off the coast of Florida, raising concerns about the potential for such a powerful economic and political adversary to gain a greater foothold in such proximity." "They could potentially one day have a base, a naval base or some sort of Chinese military base that close to our shore would pose a very significant national security issue for the United States."

Officers Said They Smelled Pot. The Judge Called Them Liars.
Gotta’ love this. Now if only judges would say the same thing when cops say they killed someone because they “felt their life was in danger”.

*Saudi Arabia's MBS Hosts Delegation of U.S. Evangelical Leaders on Eve of 9/11 Anniversary
On the eve of the day when 15 Saudis and 4 others killed 2977 people in the U.S. Churches are banned in Saudi Arabia; it is illegal to practice any religion other than Sunni Muslim in public. 

*Hillary Clinton, seated at a mock Resolute Desk, reads her once-controversial emails at a Venice art exhibit
Art imitates not life but Hillary’s fantasies.

Marianne Williamson defends idea ‘power of the mind’ could impact Hurricane Dorian
Trump isn't the only one who believes in doubling down on a mistake.

Trump warned Alabama about Dorian. So we sent someone to cover the ‘hurricane.’
WaPo trolls Trump, the article accompanied by a picture of people sitting on a beach next to the calm ocean on a sunny day.

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