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Friday, July 19, 2019


Headlines for July 19, 2019

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Headlines with an * are the ones we managed to fit in in our allotted time slot.

Worst, Most Misleading & Funniest Headlines for July 19, 2019

*Peter Thiel’s comments about spies in Silicon Valley have some basis in reality, but no evidence
(Thiel said that the FBI and CIA should investigate Google and ask whether any foreign spies, particularly Chinese spies, have infiltrated its research into artificial intelligence.) Huh? Here are some examples of what they mean by “reality”: “Facebook’s former chief security officer Alex Stamos honed in those realities Tuesday, tweeting that it’s “completely reasonable” to imagine Chinese intelligence has worked to recruit technology employees at big companies.” “Odds are that China has almost certainly attempted to recruit people working at Google.”

*Trump took heat from Melania and Ivanka over racist chants at rally
The source for this CYA story is “CBS News has learned”. THAT IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SOURCE FOR A NEWS STORY!! Tell the truth — “Melania’s (or Ivanka’s) PR agent called us up and fed us this completely unsubstantiatable story, but we’ll run with it.” And the headline, if they believe their sources, missed the real story: “CBS News learned that Mr. Trump spoke to several members of his inner circle about how to react to the chant. He weighed the pros and cons of softening his tone, worried supporters would not like it. But ultimately, he declared unhappiness.”

*What makes the Biden Doctrine different
Aside from the headline (Biden’s foreign policy is no different than any other Dem candidate except Sanders & Gabbard), the whole thesis of this article, that “liberal internationalism” (aka interventionism) is popular with Americans is pure bollocks. Here (I think) is the “Biden doctrine” per this article: “Biden said: “America’s security, prosperity and way of life require the strongest possible network of partners and allies working alongside us. . . . The Biden foreign policy agenda will place America back at the head of the table, working with our allies and partners — to mobilize global action on global threats, especially those unique to our century.””

*Why does President Trump keep dragging Jews into his attacks?
Classic (intentional) confusion. Aside from the usual accusation of “anti-Semitism” which is used as a synonym for “anti-Zionism”, the focus of Trump’s tweets was *Israel”, not “Jews”. Trump (& Dems & GOP) defend Israel, not Jews.

*Syrian Government Intensifies Strikes on Opposition Stronghold
Per this article, Idlib is just an “opposition stronghold”. Don’t look for the words “ISIS” or “Al Qaeda” or “HTS” in the article; you won’t find them. And certainly not “terrorist”.

*Trump administration scores key ally for global coalition against Iran
France? Germany? No, Argentina!

Netflix tanks after whiffing on global paid subscribers
Such a perfect encapsulation of Capitalism & its need to constantly grow (and why only socialism can save the planet). They ADDED 2.7M subscribers.

The alt-right has been under the media spotlight — but should we be concerned about the 'alt-left'?
'Bad people from both sides': Should we be concerned by a rising alt-left?
A complete nothing article, since there is no “alt-left”, designed only to run the scare headline. And listen to the 2nd paragraph: “The alt-right have been called many things; neo-Nazis, racists, fascist — beliefs which are seen as a departure from mainstream values.” “Called many things”? “Seen as a departure…”?

*OxyContin Made The Sacklers Rich. Now It’s Tearing Them Apart.
Cry me a river. Jacqueline Sackler, who is married to a son of a company co-founder, emailed her in-laws, lawyers and advisers. “This situation is destroying our work, our friendships, our reputation and our ability to function in society,” she wrote.
“And worse, it dooms my children. How is my son supposed to apply to high school in September?

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