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Monday, April 09, 2018


Additional headlines for April 9, 2018

Here's the link to the "Headlines" segment on Loud and Clear radio from April 9. It got cut really short, but you can see the originally planned headlines here and the ones added later below.


Fox News is less trusted than CNN and MSNBC, Fox News graphic show

That’s Fox News host Howard Kurtz asking for someone to take down this graphic, which was shown at the wrong point during a “Media Buzz” segment on Sunday: ‘That is not the graphic we are looking for. Hold off. Take that down, please.’

ICC says Israel, Hamas acts may be war crimes

So, burning tires is now a war crime? Well actually no, what ICC said was ““the use of civilian presence for the purpose of shielding military activities” could also be a war crime. Except there were no “military activities” being conducted by Hamas.
Burning tires, tear gas and live fire: Gaza clashes turn deadly
These read like clashes between two equals. Burning tires (hundreds of yards away from Israeli troops) vs. live fire does not amount to clashes.

He was wearing a vest marked ‘PRESS.’ He was shot dead in Gaza by Israeli troops.

Not bad or misleading or funny, but the most remarkable headline of the week and possibly the year. Amidst countless headlines like “Seven Palestinians die in Gaza border protests”, and talk of “clashes”, this one was actually accurate. The Palestinians, including this one, didn’t just “die”, as if they had a heart attack, they were killed, executed actually, by Israeli snipers. Same is true with cop-killings, by the way. The only quibble with this headline is that, rather than "shot dead", "execute" is actually the proper term to describe an unarmed person who posed no threat to anyone shot dead by either a military or a police force.

Trump ‘did not want sprinkler protections’ in his Fifth Avenue high-rise, former safety official says

Didn't just "not want", but actively lobbied against laws requiring them. Donald Trump in the late 1990s helped lobby New York City officials to drop a proposal to require expensive fire sprinklers in older apartment buildings, including his Fifth Avenue condominiums at Trump Tower, according to a safety expert involved in the debate.

“He [Trump] fought against it. He did not want sprinkler protections in those buildings because of the cost,” John Viniello, former president of the National Fire Sprinkler Association, said in an interview. Viniello said he was involved in discussions with city officials and opponents in the real estate industry.

Trump is so obsessed with his wall he’s giving up on the real war

The "real war"? That's Syria (where the U.S. presence is totally illegal, of course), according to Joe Scarborough, one of MSNBC’s flagship stars. The money quote: “the U.S. president announced his plan to cede Syria to Vladimir Putin“. The ridiculous "Putin's puppet" meme carried to its logical extreme.

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