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Thursday, January 11, 2018


Trump brags about his ratings

If you haven't seen this clip of Trump talking about his "ratings", you must see it. While the Republicans are all about using Trump and their current 3-branch majority to accomplish all sorts of objectionable things, for Trump itself it's basically about one thing — keeping his ratings up so his "show" is renewed three years from now. Everything he does and especially everything he says is a means towards that end.
By the way, Trump is not entirely wrong when he says the media really loves his ratings. Don't forget it was CBS President Les Moonves who said about Trump, during the election, "it may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS". And it was CNN and all the rest of them who gave Trump a boost into the Oval Office by giving him $2B worth of free air time; who can forget when all three networks showed an empty podium at a Trump rally rather than showing an actual Bernie Sanders giving an actual speech. If you want to know what media are responsible for Trump being elected, look no further, and stop letting those same media help convince you it was some obscure Russian-government owned media (RT and Sputnik) with their minuscule audiences.

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