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Sunday, March 25, 2012


Three more victims of the war on Iraq

Two weeks ago, Abel Gutierrez, suffering from (and showing obvious signs of) PTSD as a result of multiple tours of duty in Iraq, killed his mother, his sister, and then himself. Today's San Jose Mercury News notes the following interesting observations:
Carlos Anaya, who had known Gutierrez since elementary school..."he was not a sociopath. He was a good person."
"He didn't join the Army because he wanted to kill people," Ramon Bustamante said. "He wanted to do something with his life and help take care of his mom and sister."
And finallly
"To me," Bustamante said, "they're all victims of Iraq."
Indeed. And, we might add, of the capitalist economy which essentially forces people like Gutierrez into the military as the only viable employment option.

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