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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Rebels "hold" areas with picket signs

Or so we can conclude from the latest AP reports from Syria:
...the regime struggled to extinguish major pockets of dissent with intensive shelling.

Activists said at least 26 civilians were killed Friday, many of them in the rebellious central city of Homs, where shells slammed into rebel-held residential areas.
So Syria is trying to crush "dissent" and is killing only "civilians," or so say "activists," by which we mean "people trying to overthrow the current Syrian regime," not exactly an unbiased source. But as I have before, let's take those statements as true. Quite possibly those killed were "civilians," as in "not members of the armed forces." But were they armed? The "activists" and AP don't bother to tell us. But if they weren't, and if they weren't actively using those arms, how exactly were these areas being "held" by the rebels? With picket signs? A long length of yellow caution tape marked "Syrian forces do not enter"? We know better, and so does AP. They're just hoping that the question won't even occur to most of their readers.

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