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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Obama's selective memory

Barack Obama, speaking to the American Legion:
"Through their service, through their sacrifice, through their astonishing record of achievement, our forces have earned their place among the greatest of generations. Toppling the Taliban in just weeks. Driving al Qaeda from the training camps where they plotted 9/11. Giving the Afghan people the opportunity to live free from terror. When the decision was made to go into Iraq, our troops raced across deserts and removed a dictator in less than a month. When insurgents, militias and terrorists plunged Iraq into chaos, our troops adapted, they endured ferocious urban combat, they reduced the violence and gave Iraqis a chance to forge their own future."
"Topped the Taliban in just weeks"...and U.S. forces are still there, still fighting, still dying, ten years later. "Removed a dictator in less than a month"...and U.S. forces are still there, still fighting, still dying, eight years later. U.S. troops "reduced the violence" in Iraq...after killing hundreds of thousands of them and forcing millions to flee their homes or even their country.

There's a lot more in the speech to take note of, but I'll leave it there. Your recounting of history leaves a lot to be desired, Mr. Obama.

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