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Friday, August 05, 2011


The imperialist merry-go-round of death

Today in Afghanistan:
Eight civilians, including women and children, have been killed in a US-led NATO airstrike in the southern Afghan province of Helmand.
In a separate incident, at least four people were killed when police opened fire during an anti-US demonstration held in the southern province of Zabul on Friday.

A provincial police chief said people took to the streets to protest an attack by US-led NATO forces in the Qalad district of Zabul province that killed three Afghan civilians.
And in tomorrow's news, Afghans in Helmand will take to the streets to protest today's NATO killings, and some of them will be killed when people open fire on their demonstration.

Why, oh why, do "they" hate "us"? It's just so...inexplicable.

This war, just like the ones in Iraq and Libya, are doing nothing positive for the national security of the United States, or for the security of the people of the nations in question.

Update: In what I'm pretty sure is a reference to the same incident, the New York Times reports today that those eight people killed were one woman and seven children under the age of seven. Terrorists all.

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