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Saturday, July 30, 2011


NATO bombs Libyan state TV

In a familiar pattern, "NATO" (most likely the U.S.) has now bombed Libyan state television, just as they did in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan (not state TV in the latter case but rather Al Jazeera TV), with the same specious claim of military justification, that TV was being used to "intimidate the Libyan people and incite acts of violence against them." In reality, one more war crime.

Any bets on whether a single member of the U.S. corporate media will speak out against this crime, since precisely the same "justification" would allow them to be bombed?

Update: Three Libyan journalists were killed in the bombing. Meanwhile, coverage of this war crime in the Western media remains spotty at best, and I'm still waiting for the first journalist or editorial to speak out against it.

Update 2: Although there was a several paragraph AP story on the bombing that one could find online, in the two days since, not even a one-paragraph version in the "News of the World" section appeared in print in my local paper (San Jose Mercury News), nor have I heard word one about the bombing on various TV news programs (although it did make the New York Times). War crimes aren't what they used to be (although just imagine if Libya succeeded in bombing the BBC, what coverage would ensue).

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