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Friday, June 10, 2011


"Protecting" civilians in Libya

Hillary Clinton says:
"We reaffirmed that there is only one way forward for Libya. Attacks against civilians must stop. Gadhafi must go, and the Libyan people deserve to determine their own future. The United States views the Transitional National Council as the legitimate interlocutor for the Libyan people during this interim period."
So the Libyan people are "determining their own future," except in reality it's NATO bombs that are doing that, and the U.S. views the "Transitional National Council" as "legitimate" even though the Libyan people had nothing to do with its creation.

But back to the central point, civilians. As far as I can tell, there have been no credible reports (or any reports at all) of attacks by Libyan government forces on civilians in many weeks. Of course, the "attack against civilians" which was used to justify the NATO assault in the first place was an entirely hypothetical attack that was allegedly going to happen. Indeed, the only civilians being killed in Libya right now are the ones being killed on a daily basis by the NATO bombing of Tripoli (not to mention civilians in Afghanistan and, no doubt, Yemen as well).

As one example of Libyan government actions, yesterday they launched a major offensive on the city of Misrata. And who was killed? 22 rebels. Even the corporate media couldn't find anyone who they could claim was a civilian, and it's a safe bet that if they could have they would have.

Who's killing civilians in Libya and "has to go"? NATO, that's who.

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