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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Did Israel really leave Gaza?

We all know that Israel exerts total control over what happens in Gaza by controlling everything that comes in or out (including, by the way, power, as well as, of course, people, at least until recently). But I must admit I didn't realize how much control they claim inside Gaza until I saw this:
Israel allows construction of 1,200 new homes in Gaza
You might think that was some kind of magnanimous gesture, until you get to this:
The homes will replace some of the 60,000 houses the United Nations says were damaged or destroyed during Israel’s military offensive against Hamas in early 2009, as well as others destroyed in earlier operations in 2003 and 2004.
For the math-challenged, 1,200 out of 60,000 is a whopping 2%.

Not that I expect anything better from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, from which this story comes, but the war in 2009 was not waged against "Hamas," it was waged against the population of Gaza.

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