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Thursday, April 14, 2011


False pretenses to start a war

Yes, you're shocked, I know. After all, the Obama administration said the U.S. (only in partnership, of course) just had to intervene to prevent a genocide, a slaughter of civilians. Guess what? It was a lie, as data from Human Rights Watch shows. And it was a deliberate lie, as Obama misquoted Gaddafi by claiming that Gaddafi was planning to show "no mercy" to the citizens of Benghazi, when in fact it was the armed rebels to whom he was planning to show no mercy.

The author, like so many others, still holds on to illusions in the U.S. government:

"It is hard to know whether the White House was duped by the rebels or conspired with them to pursue regime-change on bogus humanitarian grounds."
No, it isn't. Obama was no more "duped" by the rebels than Bush was "duped" by "Curveball." In both cases, they deliberately used bogus claims to justify their planned actions.

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