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Thursday, March 17, 2011


The U.S. gets its war

The U.N. vote has now taken place, and, as I wrote earlier, not just for a "no-fly zone" but for active bombing of ground forces, indeed, "all necessary measures." What does that tell us? Russia and China were reputed to be planning vetoes. The fact that they didn't tells us (tells me, anyway) that the U.S. exerted tremendous pressure on them not to do so (while allowing Britain and France to play the role of figureheads in the debate, but neither Britain nor France can exert the pressure on countries like China or Russia like the U.S. can).

The U.S. has got its war.

I wonder what the liberals and leftists who have endorsed the "no-fly zone" as an antiseptic-sounding (if not in reality) "cure" will have to say now, now that "protecting civilians" has moved to a different level entirely. After all, the West still has that same "humanitarian" motive in their actions, don't they?

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