Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Hypocrisy watch

The press is now filled with articles about how Iran is tear-gassing protesters. Israel routinely tear-gasses protesters, a fact which is rarely reported in the Western media (and never in some media). As I noted here, a few days ago a 3-year-old baby girl died at one of those protests from the tear gas. Nary a word about that in the Western media.

A couple thousand miles away, reports tell us that the Libyan government is launching aerial attacks on its own cities, which may be true, although I have yet to see any concrete evidence of it. Despite that, the U.N. is rushing to impose sanctions, there are calls for no-fly zones, etc. Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, another country is launching aerial strikes on civilians, and killing them in large numbers - nine school children today, and 60 civilians last week. But that country is the U.S., so not only aren't there any calls for sanctions or no-fly zones, but the story will go unreported by most Western corporate media.

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