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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Whispers of miss destruction

OK, the headline was a stretch to get another WMD lie out of the mouth of Donald Rumsfeld, who now claims that Saddam Hussein had a $60 million bounty on the heads (apparently, literally according to Rumsfeld) of his daughters, as well as the daughters of George W. Bush.

Admittedly this is not entirely implausible, coming (again allegedly) as it did right after the U.S. butchered not only Saddam's two sons, but also his 14-year-old grandson (just one of tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians slaughtered by the U.S., whatever you think of the "guilt" or lack thereof of Saddam's sons). However, as far as we know there is as much credible evidence to back this claim as there was to back the claims of the other WMDs, the weapons of mass destruction. That is to say, none. Which, as with those, won't prevent for one second the media from reporting that claim.

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