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Tuesday, February 22, 2011



I've been watching Muammar Gaddafi speak via Al Jazeera. A bizarre performance if I've ever seen one. It looks like he's speaking in a dimly lit basement, constantly fussing with his clothing, ranting, etc. The U.S. government always tries to demonize its enemies by calling them "crazy", but in this particular case, it would be hard to disagree.

But, I'll note this. While the Washington Post runs editorials headlined "Moammar Gaddafi must pay for atrocities," Gaddafi has noted (twice now) how Boris Yeltsin attacked the Russian Parliament with tanks, and was not condemned by the West. Falluja was flattened, and no one paid for those crimes. People were slaughtered in Waco by the U.S. Government, without consequence. Israel has slaughtered the people of Gaza, and attacked the Freedom Flotilla, again without consequence. And I think he offered some other examples as well, it was hard to follow.

Not that Gaddafi's noting of these atrocities, and the hypocrisy accompanying the world reaction to them, mitigates in any way his atrocities (whose magnitude we don't know at this time), or will have the slightest effect on either the Libyan people nor on, if it comes to this (about which rumors circulate), a NATO "intervention" (i.e., invasion). But it does make clear the kinds of accusations the West opens itself up to with its utterly hypocritical attitude towards violence in different countries.

Update: In the coverage of Gaddafi's speech in the corporate media, I couldn't find a single reference to his indictment of atrocities by the U.S. and its allies. Quelle surprise!

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