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Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Cuba's "political prisoners"

A story in today's news sheds more light on the subject of "political prisoners" in Cuba:
Cuba's government has agreed to free four men convicted of trying to flee the island by hijacking boats, and will send them into exile in Spa. Church spokesman Orlando Marquez said Wednesday that Alexis Borges, Victor Jesus Hechavarria, Osmel Arevalos Nunez and Rodrigo Gelacio Santos are all to be let go in coming days. ...Borges is serving a 15-year-sentence for the bloody 1999 hijacking of a tourist boat in an effort to flee the country.

Borges is on a list of about 100 political prisoners maintained by Elizardo Sanchez, a well-known Cuban human rights leader.
Sorry, Elizardo (and the Western governments and media who keep repeating the charges against Cuba), being convicted of a "bloody hijacking of a tourist boat" doesn't qualify you as a "political prisoner."

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