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Sunday, December 12, 2010


News from Haiti

Sarah Palin staged a photo-op in Haiti this week, which received extensive coverage in the "Western" media.

Also in Haiti, more than 1200 Cuban doctors have treated more than 93,000 cholera patients (40% of all the cholera patients that have been treated in the country). Because of the special experience of the Cuban medical personnel, the mortality rate for patients at the Cuban-run facilities is only 0.83%, while in other hospital institutions it's four times higher - 3.2%. News coverage in the U.S. corporate media? None as far as I can tell, although Reuters did put out a major article which appeared in Business World Online. However don't confuse that with Business Week, which is a major U.S. publication. Business World Online is published in the Philippines. Google News shows no evidence the story ran in any other newspaper.

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