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Saturday, December 18, 2010


More WikiLies

As I've written before, caveat lector, or, put another way, consider the source. Information passed on to the U.S. government by U.S. ambassadors is not necessarily any more correct than claims of Iraqi WMD (or an Iranian nuclear weapons program).

Today's case in point? Claims in the media, based on a newly WikiLeaked cable, that Cuba banned the showing of Michael Moore's film "Sicko" because it grossly misrepresented the Cuban health care system in a way that would have made the Cuban population mad had it been shown (because they would have been jealous that the care shown in the film wasn't available to them).

The problem? As explained by Moore himself, it's simply not true! Grossly so. Not only was "Sicko" shown theatrically in Cuba, it was even shown on Cuban TV so that every person in Cuba could watch it! It was even praised by Cuba's health minister, a fact reported at the time by no less than AP.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of "legs" this story has, now that Moore has quickly and publicly denounced it as false. Or, conversely, what kind of "legs" the real story, the fact that everything in WikiLeaked cables is not true, has.

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