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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Another Nobel Peace Prize for Obama?

He got the first one for preaching "peace with the Muslim world" while escalating the U.S. wars against Afghanistan and Pakistan. Now he's claiming success in reducing nuclear weapons while simultaneously spending $86 billion on new nuclear weapons. Surely that's worth another Peace Prize?

Needless to say, not one voice has been raised (at least, none loud enough to be heard) saying "we can't afford it." Indeed, the allegedly deficit-hating Republicans reportedly demanded this $86 billion expenditure as their price for supporting the START treaty (not that I think there was much if any resistance to that request from Obama or the Democrats).

$86 billion for things that will never be used. Can you think of ways to spend $86 billion that would actually provide real security to Americans? How about providing houses for the homeless, or health care for those without it? No, we can't have that.

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