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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


And for more amusement...

The latest headlines:

Washington Post: "U.S. abandons push for renewal of Israeli settlement freeze"

AP: "Officials: US drops demand for settlement freeze"

First of all, note how both of these headlines (and hundreds of others running at the moment) talk about a mythical settlement "freeze." Of course there never was a "freeze." There was a halt to granting some permits for new construction in some parts of occupied Palestine, but actual building continued (and continues) apace. And as for the "push" (or, even more laughably, the "demand") on the part of the U.S. for such a "freeze," well, suffice to say the U.S. has put more pressure on Julian Assange in the last week than it has on Israel in 61 years. The "push" consisted of pledges to veto U.N. resolutions unfavorable to Israel (which we know has never happened) and offers of more weapons to Israel (another thing which would have never happened otherwise).

I wish the U.S. government would make "demands" like those on me to pay my taxes.

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