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Thursday, November 04, 2010


"We're taking back our country"

First of all, who is this "we" and "our" that the right-wing is talking about? The "real" Americans, as opposed to the fake, Kenyan-born ones who have been in power for the last two years? The "white" ones instead of the Black and Latino ones? And what is this "taking back"? Was there a coup that "took" the country away from the people I don't know about? Were the current crop of elected officials not put in office by the same electoral process that just put the new crop in? [Actually it wasn't quite the same, since there was less corporate money involved, but we'll let that slide]

We the people of this country, the working masses of the country, do need to "take the country back." But we need to take it back from the corporations, not by putting one group of corporate-friendly politicians in office in place of another one.

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