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Friday, October 08, 2010


More hypocrisy about "foreign money"

Today, President Barack Obama railed about the "danger to democracy" that the possible contribution to some election campaigns by "foreign corporations" poses. What poppycock. First of all, as I wrote back in January, the idea that U.S. corporations have "our" interests at heart, whereas "foreign" corporations don't, is both jingoistic and false. But, more to the point in this instance, these words about the "danger to democracy" were spoken by the President of a country which over the years (and I don't mean only in the past) has spent hundreds of millions of dollars, quite possibly billions of dollars, to influence foreign elections (not to mention simply overthrow foreign governments).

When Obama zeroes out the budget of such notorious interferers in foreign elections as the National Endowment for Democracy, not to mention the CIA, then and only then might we begin to be able to take his words seriously.

Oh, and by the way, if Obama is so concerned about "democracy," when is he going to recognize the results of the last democratic election in Palestine?

Update: Tonight on Rachel Maddow, she and Howard Fineman were joining in the bashing of foreign corporations and their alleged electoral contributions. Why, they said, these are the very same corporations (they mentioned call centers in India) who are taking American jobs? Hey Rachel and Howard - just who do you think is sending those jobs overseas (like to call centers in India)? It's good old American corporations! Duh.

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