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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Another civilian killed by U.S. troops...except this one is British

Most people have probably already heard that the kidnapped British aid worker in Afghanistan, killed in a rescue attempt, was most likely killed not by her Afghan captors, as the U.S. military first claimed, but by a grenade thrown by U.S. troops. Quelle surprise!

What's most interesting, as always, is the light this incident sheds on the veracity of the U.S. military.

"Immediately after her death, NATO officials said one of her captors killed her by detonating an explosive as the Special Operations Forces rescue team was approaching for its pre-dawn raid. But after receiving new information from the Special Operations Command that conducted the rescue attempt, Petraeus ordered an investigation into the circumstances of her death.
In other words, before they really knew what had happened, they were perfectly willing to put out the story that suited them. There were no doubts in the initial news reports, none, it was simply "Linda Norgrove...was killed by her captors on Friday during a rescue mission by US forces." Indeed, we were even given the detail that the death was via a "suicide belt" worn by one of her captors. But now we learn that this was just the usual "put out a lie to make your enemies look bad and hope it sticks" story, before anyone had bothered to inquire exactly what did happen.

And if this is the case for a British aid worker, or for Pat Tillman, how much more true is it for the thousands of Afghan civilians who have been killed by U.S. forces? When will anyone examine the surveillance footage of those murders?

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