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Thursday, September 30, 2010


A tale of two marches

This Saturday, the "One Nation Working Together" march, sometimes called the March for Jobs and Justice, will descend on Washington. Hundreds of organizations, including unions, Black and Latino groups, antiwar groups, and others, are building the march. Have I heard or read a word about that in the corporate media? No.

At the end of October, also in Washington, Jon Stewart is holding a "Rally to Restore Sanity", as he continues to promote the false meme that "left=right" and the problem the country faces comes equally from "extremists" on the left (crazy people who think George Bush was a war criminal!) and extremists on the right (I won't even begin a litany of the very real actions of such people, much less their words). So naturally, we find not only Arianna Huffington promoting that event (free buses for anyone who shows up in New York!) but now President Obama as well (another well-known promoter of the same false meme as Stewart).

Real marches for jobs and justice? Mums the word. Fake marches for fake causes? That's the stuff.

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