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Friday, September 24, 2010


Mahmoud and me

At the U.N., Mahmoud Ahmadinejad identified capitalism as the source of the world's problems. So there's one point of agreement. Here's another:

Left I, July 2008:

Offering someone "incentives" to do something is perfectly normal. Offering "carrots," while it may be a relatively common phrase, is also at its core insulting, because it derives from the classic image at right - holding a carrot in front of the nose of a donkey to entice the donkey to continue to move forward in a vain attempt to reach the carrot.

But saying that brings us to the second point about "offering carrots," namely that the United States has a long history of doing precisely that - "offering" carrots but never actually delivering on them.
Ahmadinejad, today:
"The era of following a policy of carrot and stick is over. Even such words are insulting to nations. It's only good for cowboys and those of retarded people. Definitely it has no effect," he said. "They issued resolutions as talks were underway. Still, we are ready for talks."
In truth, as my post from 2008 indicates, all U.S. policies of "carrots and sticks" are just a way to convince the American people that the carrots are the essence of the policy, when in actuality they're a mirage, unlike the sticks.

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