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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Democratic math - what is the "middle"?

Democrats are proud that they may actually stand and fight on the principle that tax cuts for the top 2% of Americans, earning $250,000 or more, not be extended (although those very rich individuals will still have their taxes cut on their first $250,000 of income). I'm repeatedly hearing about protecting people with "middle income" and the "middle class." Really? Since when did 98% become the definition of "middle"? Since when did $200,000 become a "working-class" (oh sorry, no politician except Sarah Palin uses that term any more, I mean "middle class") income? Or $150,000 for that matter? Even with two incomes to make up that $150,000, that's still a perfectly respectable income of $75,000 per person.

Well, we can quibble over the line, but honestly, is someone in the top 3%, or top 5%, or even the top 10% of income really earning a "middle income"? And, because the Democrats aren't willing to extend their fight for that principle, how many services for working-class people will be cut as a result? How many teachers will be laid off, how many firefighters, how many bridges will go unrepaired, how much mass transit will go unbuilt?

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