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Thursday, September 02, 2010


Colin Powell still can't stop lying

...and neither can the news media. In another round of phony regret, Colin Powell asserts:
"I will always be seen as the one who made the major public presentation of that intelligence. I regret that it was wrong but, at the same time, we had every reason to believe it was correct."
But, as I've written before, that statement, just like his speech at the U.N. itself, is a bald-faced lie. The CIA itself was telling Powell just the night before the speech that some of the information was suspect and he shouldn't repeat it; he did anyway.

And the media (in this case, the Japanese newspaper Mainichi) can't stop lying either. They assert:

Before his execution in 2006, Saddam Hussein stated that he refused to submit to the inspections even with war looming because he "didn't want to show weakness to Iran."
But that, too, is a bald-faced lie. Not only did Iraq submit to every inspection (making the claim that they didn't rather bizarre), the idea that they didn't want to "show weakness" is contradicted by the fact that they were clearly claiming publicly at the U.N. that they had no WMD. As I have written before, the entire records of Hussein's statements before his execution are online, and you can read every word. No such statement appears.

And still, as I've written before, Gen. Amer al-Saadi, the man who told the truth to Colin Powell's lies, remains among the disappeared, presumably rotting away in some Iraqi prison. As far as any news reporting I have been able to find, he has never had a trial, never even been charged with a crime, but remains in prison.

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