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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The world's most ridiculous trial opens

Eight years after his capture as a [15-year-old] teenager on an Afghan battlefield, a long-delayed trial has started for Guantanamo Bay's youngest detainee.

Khadr is accused of killing a US soldier after throwing a grenade at the end of a four-hour US bombardment of an al-Qaeda compound in the eastern Afghan city of Khost.

His lawyers deny that he threw the grenade and contend that the prosecution is relying on confessions extracted following abuse.
So fighting back against an illegal invasion of your country by a foreign army, and not even doing so by secretly setting an IED or something like that but actually (allegedly) doing so in response to a four-hour US assault, is now a "war crime"?

The only thing more ridiculous than that is that the U.S. corporate media will treat this with all seriousness, without even questioning the concept that, if the United States insists it is at "war," then people captured in that war who were simply participating in that war (as opposed to, say, massacring civilians) must be prisoners of war, not war criminals.

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