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Friday, August 06, 2010


Life is hard at the top

Mark Hurd spent a grand total of five years at the head of HP. He's now resigned because of allegations of sexual harassment. His "penalty" for that crime? A severance package of $35 million, $7 million for each year he was at HP (that's of course on top of the salary he received during those years).

I'm sure he's deeply unhappy, though. After all, Carly Fiorina got $42 million when she was forced out of the same position before Hurd took over.

Update: The San Jose Mercury News has a timeline of Hurd's reign at HP. The highlights: buying four major companies (increasing "HP's" profits, but contributing nothing whatsoever to the economy, other than undoubtedly laying off workers made "redundant" by the merger), firing 14,500 employees, and announcing the planned firing of 9,000 more. You can see why he's paid the big bucks; this sort of thing takes real talent.

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