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Friday, August 13, 2010


Another day, another group of victims of terrorism

U.S. terrorism claims eight more victims:
At least eight Afghan civilians are killed in a US air strike in the south of the country amid growing public discontent over the ever-growing number of civilian casualties. The Afghan civilians were killed when foreign forces targeted a house in the suburbs of Lashgargah city.
A recent U.N. report claims that nearly 1,300 Afghan civilians have died this yea, and blames a quarter of the deaths on foreign troops.

Not that 300+ victims of U.S. aerial terrorism in little more than a half year wouldn't be more than enough to indict the perpetrators as war criminals, but just as with such statistics in Iraq, that's a double lie. First, because the number 1,300 is a gross undercount for two reasons: one, because the number doesn't take into account the "guilty until proven innocent" aspect of the number, that is, someone is assumed to be "Taliban" and not "civilian" unless there is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are "civilian"; and two, because all dead Afghans, whether they have extreme religious views and are called "Taliban" or not, and whether they choose to fight back against a foreign occupation or not, are all equally undeserving of death, and all should be counted.

And the second reason the statistic is a lie is because, just as with the million plus dead in Iraq, none of the tens of thousands of Afghan dead would be dead were it not for the U.S. invasion and occupation, and hence "foreign forces" are ultimately responsible for all of the deaths, and not just a quarter of them, no matter whose bullets or bombs actually did the killing.

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