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Thursday, July 22, 2010


The U.S. "gift" to Iraq

This is an important video that was broadcast on BBC World News here in the U.S. yesterday, and is now online. It's not "new" to those who follow progressive media, but it is actually a new study and one which has now made it into the "mainstream" media, with the news that cancers and other diseases are significantly higher in Falluja than they were among survivors of Hiroshima. There has been a 12-fold increase in childhood cancers in Falluja. The BBC report doesn't mention it, but there's little doubt that the cause was the depleted uranium used in U.S. weapons.

This, I believe, is the original study on which the BBC report is based, but the BBC report, with video and with the basic summary of the findings put in layman's terms, is a more valuable resource. The wider exposure this gets, the better.

Update: By the way, this report aired two days ago on BBC, and so far, I have seen absolutely zero evidence that the story has made it to any American corporate news media. Or made it out of any American corporate news media to the public, in any rate.

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