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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


No lives lost?

The Los Angeles Times is out with a story about all the problems with drones:
Pentagon accident reports reveal that the pilotless aircraft suffer from frequent system failures, computer glitches and human error.
Ah, but not to worry, because no lives are lost:
But no lives are lost, and for some experts that's the most important point: For them, drones are the vanguard of a new type of remote warfare that minimizes the risk to U.S. personnel.
That problems with drones, not to mention the whole concept of drones "piloted" and targeted from thousands of miles away with little or often no actual on-the-spot information, might actually be responsible for the death of non-Americans, seems not to have occurred to the LA Times. Those, after all, are only Afghans, or Pakistanis, not actual people with lives and families. People whose chances of death have been maximized because of the effort to "minimize the risk to U.S. personnel."

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