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Sunday, June 13, 2010


The forgotten side of the blockade of Gaza

In a rarely seen example of reporting, AP gives its readers an actual description of the blockade of Gaza. The first sentence describes what most people are hopefully familiar with. The second, not so much:
As part of the border blockade, Israel restricts imports to Gaza, only permitting a few dozen types of foods and medicines, while barring raw materials, including construction supplies. Virtually all exports are banned.
Yet in the very same article, we can read the usual boilerplate: "Israel says the blockade is necessary to stop weapons reaching Hamas." How AP could write that with a "straight face" while simultaneously noting that the blockade bans exports is hard to comprehend.

Meanwhile, the ICRC has come out with a report on the effects of the blockade, and called for its end. One does have to wonder what took this humanitarian organization so long.

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