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Friday, May 28, 2010


Today's math lesson

Item: Democrats cut $24 billion from Medicaid aid to "states" (i.e., people), and $6.8 billion from COBRA (health insurance subsidies for the recently jobless)

Item: $23 billion designed to save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of teachers is "faltering" in the House

Item: Senate approves spending $60 billion more on war (by the way, that "more" comes from me; if you read the paper literally, you might think that's the actual total).

24+6.8+23 just about equals 60 (couldn't find the approximately equals sign on the keyboard and I'm not sure it would display in everyone's browser anyway).

And lest you think there's no connection between these things, from item 2: "The proposal's chief advocate in the House abruptly canceled a committee meeting to put the money in a war spending bill."

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