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Sunday, May 09, 2010


Let them eat cake!

Actually, Tom Friedman's latest advice to us mortals is even worse - time to go without cake entirely. Yes, Tom wants us to know that the era of the "Tooth Fairy" is over and it's time for a "root canal," by which he means we all (that "we" not including multi-millionaire Tom, of course) have to tighten our belts and do without. I'm sure the people whose lives are detailed in this article, also from today's news, will be thrilled with Tom's advice.

Meanwhile, also in the news today (in the form of a quiz), we learn something about where all the money is "hiding." Goldman Sachs has 12,000 (!) vice-presidents, who earn on average a half million dollars a year - that's $6 billion right there. They also have 2,000 (!) "managing directors", each of whom earn an average of $2 million a year - that's another $4 billion. Enough said.

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