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Sunday, May 09, 2010


Corporate felons

In the news today we learn about BP's history of being convicted on more than one occasion of felonies. Now perhaps the article is incorrect, and it was really BP executives convicted of felonies, but the article does say the "corporation" was convicted. Curiously enough, however, in all cases they received only a fine and probation. First of all, how many actual people convicted of felonies get just probation and not jail time? I doubt it's that many. And second, what happens if the corporation does get jail time and not "probation" (whatever that means for a corporation)? Does the entire Board of Directors get sent to jail?

Of course BP's history as a criminal corporation long predates any such actions in the United States, and starts with its origins in Iran and Iraq.

It won't stop the oil gushing from the seabed, but here's one part of what needs to be done: Seize BP!

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