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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Asking about Don't Ask Don't Tell

Could Defense Secretary Robert Gibbs be any more offensive? Not only does he want to reassure the homophobes in the military that they have nothing to worry about for quite a while, he also wants to make sure they know he wants to take their reactionary positions into account:
"Every man and woman in uniform is a vitally important part of this review. We need to hear from you and your families so that we can make these judgments in the most informed and effective manner."
So what exactly does that mean? If 51% of the military is homophobic, then to hell with Don't Ask Don't Tell, we wouldn't want to upset the apple cart? What is it exactly that they are "studying"? Whether they need to order pink triangles for the gays so that the homophobes will know who to avoid in the showers? Are they perhaps considering having "straights-only" platoons for the homophobes? And, while they're at it, why not "whites-only" platoons for the racists, too?

Meanwhile, as we all know, whatever the heck it is they're "studying," Obama could order an immediate suspension of the firing of gays who are already in the military...if he wanted to. Clearly, he doesn't.

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